Thursday, 15 March 2012

Things are a changin'.....

I can't think straight. I need to knit this out. I wish I had time to do

We made one hell of a huge decision this week and my brain has never been in
such non-stop mode. 

There is so much that I need to do right now that it's proving to be quite
difficult to sit at my desk and get through the work day, without getting distracted and lost in my own thoughts. My heart is racing fast as my to do list continues to grow, but this little brain of mine is reminding me to stay optimistic, be positive AND don't forget to breathe!

The hubs and I are different people now then we were when we moved into our
house a year and a half ago. The past year has graced us with an eye
opening, life changing experience of the loss of a parent. That experience
forced us to take a step back and re-evaluate our life, our goals and our
aspirations. We've grown up, we've lived and learned, we've figured some
stuff out about ourselves as indivuduals and as a couple in a marriage.
We're not ready, nor interested in having kids anytime soon, we don't need
fancy things, we have everything we need. We have each other. We want a different type of life.

I'm a small town girl who knows there's nothing better then the fresh ocean air on an early summer morning, and my husband is on the road to becoming a full time singer songwriter.  City living just isn't going to cut it anymore....

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  1. (gasp)
    What are you thinking on doing?
    Its exciting and brave and it was just a starter it has definitely served its purpose.
    Regardless, I am excited for you!