Tuesday, 27 September 2011


While there will always be something you want that you do not have at this very moment, this moment in time is not imperfect.  Perfection is not having everything you could ever want.  Perfection is being perfectly happy with where you are now.  It is my wish for you that you are happy with where you are now or at the very least be at peace with where you are.
~ Alon Attal

Right now – I don’t feel like doing anything. I typically have a very non-stressful workplace, but we are down one for a while and it’s been CRAZY! Although I do feel more energized and awake during the day [because I have to be] it’s killing me at night.  [I should note: it’s only been two days. I am such a little wimp! !]

It’s like this - Get home, make supper, eat supper, do dishes, time to chill… and oh, it’s time for bed. No time to go for a walk, no time to read, no time to have a cup of tea. Ahhhhh!!!! I don’t understand how so many people out there are all…go, go, and go. I am NOT good at being a busy person. I need me time, I need teatime, I need slow time and I need silent time. I need breaks in between events, need time to clean up; I need time to refresh and regroup. Listen to me! Losing my mind here!
But now, I feel good! I just had to get all that out. It’s truly been a really busy couple of weeks and it just seems like lately time is flying by and we’re too busy to enjoy it; and that, my friends, it horrible!

How can we be too busy to enjoy right now? It’s awful that we don’t take the time to organize ourselves enough to be able to really enjoy every minute of the day. How many of us wish that there were more hours to each day? Just that little bit of extra time that we could spend snuggling with our hunny, playing catch with our dog or chatting on the phone with a sibling. I sure do! Thus, the quote above is so very true. We can spend all our time wishing the minutes that we do have away, or we can remind ourselves of what we did accomplish in the run of our day. Stop and take note of the moments that are making us laugh, really taste the fresh brewed cup of morning java, hug our hunny’s for just a second longer and be appreciative of all the simple stuff  and thankful for the roof over our heads and the family’s that love us.

Now, I AM going to do something for me  - Have a cup of tea and think about why I am happy with where I am now.

One of my fav pottery mugs.

I am perfectly happy where I am now because:
·      I am in love and married to my best friend. He makes me laugh every single day, he makes sure that I know I’m loved, he cooks me the most amazing meals and bakes the BEST CAKEs in town!
·      I have a lovely, cozy, adorable home. 
·      I’ve created my own awesome little library in my living room.
·      I have a sweet little doglet with a very cool name.
·      My Mom and Dad practically live next door.
·      My whole Carson clan is coming over tomorrow night for my Mom’s BIRFDAY dinner!
·      I don’t make a million $’s a year, but my work environment is pretty awesome.
·      I have some really amazing, thoughtful, creative, beautiful, smart, funny, crazy, people as friends.
·      I belong to a book club called ReadingBetweenTheWines.
·      Sometimes I have baby fever, but then I remember that I do not yet have the patience for that. Then I also remember how cool I think it is to be a young married couple having the time of their lives for a couple of years before they pop out any super dependent little tiny’s.
·      I’ve travelled a bit and I’ll travel more.
·      I’m funny.
·      I’m healthy
·      I ran 10k once and it felt amazing.  I’ll do it again.
·      I come from a very quant little town and I am very proud of that fact.
·      I am going to have French babies some day. That’s very cool.
·      I am going to learn French from Shaun while we’re raising our French babies.
·      I have dreams.
·      I have goals.
·      I will admit that I am kind of a huge fan of the simple, silly, random stuff in life. That’s a really great thing.
·      I am going to be a Maid of Honor for the very first time and I am so excited and flattered that I was asked.
·      I think I have some really great in-laws. Like, I lucked out big-time!!
·      My house is a 2-minute walk from a really nice trail.
·      Canada is a really incredible country and I live here.
·      I LOVE me.

There you have it!!! I mean, come on!! That’s almost an entire page and it took me no time at all. It was actually kind of fun and once I started there was no stopping.

Give it a try! It’s feels amazing!! And the tea is really great too!! 

Picked up this tea at Sobey's last night. It rocks!! And, it's Herbal! A great night time tea!! 

I am quite proud of this post. I went from pretty negativo to pretty happy! Well done Natasha!! 


  1. yeah...nearly made me forget the guilt you were dishing my way.

  2. Hee hee!!!!!! Well really! I've never worked so hard in alllllll my life!! muhahaha!