Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Days go by

Everyday is something. We’ve just got to remember that.

I’ve been wishing this week away like crazy! Today still feels like Monday and Friday feels like it will never arrive.

I’ve been complaining too much and I need to smarten up. You know when you just get stuck in a rut and can’t quite seem to pull yourself out of it? That’s this week.

Why is it that all of our days can’t be good days? Why can’t we jump out of bed every morning ready to face the world, with a smile on our face? Oh, right, because we stubbed our toe when we were on our way from bed to shower. Oops…. there I go, complaining again!

The thing is, when I experience times like these I seem to forget that these days will never be given back to me.

I need to remind myself that just because it’s getting cold out, doesn’t mean that I need to hibernate the happy side of my brain along with the bears behind the house. [Good one Natasha!] I just need to remember how to keep my energy up and spirits positive when the going gets wintery.  

I had coffee with a friend tonight and it was just nice to sit, chat and vent -Even if we had to sit on the world’s most uncomfortable bench in Crystal Palace; which is outside of Starbucks since their café area is way to small and never has any available seating. Having one of these so-called weeks, it was a much-needed coffee date. So, Thanks to her. Thanks also to my other coffee date lady out there. I’m a huge fan of these nights and I need them more than they know.

Nighty Night
~from little Miss Positivity, right?


Ps- Did I mention I am going to open my own adorable Coffee Shop some day? 

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