Monday, 3 October 2011

Motivation Monday

I ran 10k once and it felt amazing.  I’ll do it again.
~Natasha LeBlanc

Miss Movember, 5km Run/Walk
Nov 26, 2011
Thank you for submitting your race registration through the Running Room Online Event Registration service. Details of your registration are listed below.

Payment has been received. You are now registered for this event.

Ok, so it might not be 10km this time, but it’s a start!!! It’s also for a really great cause!!! Ladies…. we might not be able to grow mustaches, but we can run!

I am so excited to have just signed up for Miss Movember.  This race will be Atlantic Canada’s first all-women’s running event. We’ll be running along the waterfront path in Riverview on November 26th to support to the ongoing fight against prostate cancer.

I may have had super cheesy, veggie and black bean quesadilla’s with loads of sour cream, salsa and fresh guacamole tonight for supper; along with some homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert; and I may have opted to stay in tonight and read instead of get outside for a walk, but I just signed up for this thing so it’s time to get my ass back in gear! I have little over a month to get myself back to where I was in June. I can do this!!!!

I think back to April when I started the Running Room and how hard it was but I also remember how incredible I felt after each run. I say I gave it up in the summer because it was too hot but I realize now that I really shouldn’t have done that! This is going to be tough, BUT - I’m back at it! I am!!! 

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