Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blog Beginnings

Alright. So, here's what I am going to do….Start writing.

 I love reading Blogs. I love the inspiration and the motivation they give me.

I think I secretly live vicariously through each blog that I read; thinking- if I had the guts to start a blog, if I had enough to say, enough big, pretty words to say it with, that my blog would be just as captivating as this one-. I am so incredibly envious of the women who are behind the blogs that I read. I shouldn't be envious; that isn’t a positive feeling. I should be thankful that I have an outlet in them, to make me laugh, to make me cry, to make me think a little harder about who I am and who I want to be.

My biggest issue right now is myself; I am totally and completely at a loss for who I am. I'm 24 years old, educated, funny, healthy and in love. I married the man of my dreams last year, I have an adorable puppy and a cozy home. There is just a huge part of me that struggles through each and every day because I have nothing that sets me apart, that makes me feel as though I stand out. If you asked me today to write a list of all my good qualities, I could do it no problem. It's just that once I am finished I would step back and think, "These are no different from hers".

My husband is a very clever, logical and social person. He's also an amazing singer, songwriter. He has such a passion for playing the piano and writing music; and I am so lucky to get to be  a part of what that entails. His father passed away  just months ago and I think that really made him question what life is all about. He is currently working as an Account Manager for a Marketing Firm and he's great at it; but, it's not what he's meant to do. When his father passed away he decided it was time to start living for today and to make 2011 the year of new beginnings – living, breathing, being and making music. He just finished recording a CD and will be launching it with lots of friends, family and media at a Bistro downtown in less a couple of weeks. I am so incredibly proud and happy for him. His goal is to be able to 'work' solely as a musician and there is nothing I want more than for that to come true for him. He's my best friend, he's the love of my life; and I want him to be able to become who he's meant to be.
That being said, when you’re with someone who is so incredibly talented and has such a passion for something, it makes that desire to find your own passion even stronger.

I am starting this blog in hopes of discovering a little bit more about myself. Listed below are some of the things I would like to accomplish within the next 4 months [I feel this is an appropriate time frame as tomorrow is September 1st and this will give me until January 1st]

·      Become a better writer. [Aka learn to write: Take a night course in the fall at NBCC?]
·      Give myself something to do each day that is just about and for ME
·      Work on being a more optimistic and positive person
·      Learn how to appreciate and have more patience with cooking. [Healthy eating is DELISH; but it takes a lot of time and effort]
·      Be more active. I LOVE getting outdoors and exercising ; yet, I don't make it part of my daily routine. Why not? I will!
·      Make a point to spend ample amount of time LOVING, LAUGHING and CHATTING with my wonderful husband each and every day. [No matter how busy and tired we are!]
·      Start my Knitting Club
·      Keep up with my Book Club girls and recommend all my READS in a section of my blog
·      LEARN how to start and maintain a blog!!!!!

That's my plan. Here's to Day # 1! !! 


  1. Upon reading your first entry, I am excited to see how things progress for you. Be it the voyeuristic side in all of us or just my own desire to do something similar with myself....but this is a good thing you have started, Natasha!