Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Community Read Night!

“Some say that I was once uncommonly beautiful, but I wouldn't wish beauty on any woman who has not her own freedom, and who chooses not the hands that claim her.”
Lawrence Hill, The Book Of Negroes

So!!!..........Look at me, posting in the afternoon!!! It is merely because today has been marvelous and it will continue to be so. My mom, and one of my lady friends and I are going to  check out our very first Community Read at city hall tonight; where we will have the chance to meet Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negroes. How amazing is that?!! I have so many reasons to be excited about this... A) The Book of Negroes was our 2nd RBTW book -read last November. B) The book is AMAZING! [I am sure I must have given it a 10/10!] C) I am going to have my very own signed copy!!!!! D) I just think it's so amazing that we have been given this opportunity!! E) If I am brave enough, I could totally raise my hand and ask HIM a question! 

Ok, enough of me freaking out! Another reason why today is so marvelous is because tomorrow is my singer-songwriter-musician-husband's CD launch! Holy cow! How times flies. I feel like it was only yesterday when we found out that his fathers life was going to be cut short; when he realized just how much he needed to Start Something of his own, that you have to take each day for what it is and not be scared to make something of every single existing moment. I can’t believe that he's already recorded a cd, received the cd's in the mail, made posters, put the posters up around town and that tomorrow night is THE BIG NIGHT!! I might also be a smidgen nervous because I am the one who is introducing him!! I have been practicing ALLLLLL day and even though it's only like 3 lines, I am pretty frightened that I am going to mess it up or get up there and forget everything. Why would I even say that? Because I can be a paranoid freak at times!! So excited though! So excited!!!! 

Also -I would like to note: it felt really great last night to get my blog posted. Yeah, it takes time; but it is such a rewarding accomplishment. I actually sleep better after I blog, given that I've dumped out all the shit that's usually squirming around in my brain keeping me awake. Nice visual eh?


[I just got home and I have to add this!!!!] 


I asked him to add my Mom's name because I lent her the book to read, so it's kind of hers too.  And--why not? 

Ahhh!!! Ok, so here I am ...back from my night with Lawrence!! I mean, maybe
I am making kind of a big deal about this, but really!!! This guy is famous
and I met him, I heard him speak, I have his signature in my book and I saw
him with my own two eyes!!

No matter what--if I meet someone remotely famous, I freak out! When my hubby and I went to Chicago this summer, we had the chance to sit in on a live Giada De Laurentiis cooking show and I was losing my mind. I'm not even the one in our little love unit that cooks, my hubby does; but, I was just so excited to see her outside of the TV screen and I was even more excited for him to get to see his fav Food Network chef in real life! Maybe it's because I am from a teeny tiny little town and I live in a only a small city now, but I definitely get a kick out of seeing famous people with my own two eyes in
REAL LIFE! Speaking of which---below is a picture or Lawrence and I in REAL LIFE!!! WTF!!!! What a wicked night!! 

Lawrence Hill, Moi and one of my favourite lady friends!!!!

I am seriously on top of the world right now! Lawrece Hill is not only an amazing author but an remarkable speaker as well. He has a way with words in writing and also in his speech. It was so incredible to sit and listen to him speak about the book, about Aminata and the research behind who she was. He explained her character establishment  at one point in saying that his goal was to take the shackles off her hands and let the woman breathe, let us see her as more than just a faceless victim, but a woman with her own story. 

Seriously, listening to him speak tonight went way beyond my expectations. Amazing, just amazing. 


  1. Amazing post Natasha! :) Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  2. Would have been funnier if the red head was just some random chick who stuck herself in the photo with you and Lawrence....