Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A shout out to the most amazing guy in my world


I cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of you. This past year has been so life changing for you, and I can only imagine how much of what you went through came out into the creation of this CD.
You are such an incredible musician with such a talent for song writing. Everyone that I have spoken to about this CD has been absolutely blown away by the final product.
It has been so amazing to be witness to this whole process and I could not be more ecstatic that TONIGHT is finally happening.
You deserve this. You deserve this more than I even know. You deserved this along time ago.
I want you to know how insanely delighted I am to be your wife and to walk along side you on this journey. My entire heart is in this with you.

I love you so, so much.
I really, really do.



  1. You are the cutest couple - always remain like this - "live love laugh" for every together.
    Your favorite Aunt Mary