Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tooooo tired

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Every time that I open this screen too tired to write and decide that I'm going to make it a quick one, it ends up being an entire post. Let me tell you, that is not going to be the case tonight.

I am totally exhausted after a [normal] day at work and a fantabulous RBTW meeting, so it's a short one for tonight. However, do expect a long-winded post for tomorrow.  Anticipate a great review of The Lost Girls and The Wander Year and a special Friday post.

Happy One Year Anniversary to my Reading Between The Wines Ladies and a huge THANK YOU to our founder for making it all happen!!

I’m off to have one of my nightly nightmares/ghostly experiences that have been taking over my dreams lately. Why? I don’t know; but I would like them to screw off.

- Oh, and the quote: It’s perfect for a RBTW night. 


  1. Brilliant quote and a great photo as well!

  2. I am VERY PROUD of my bookshelf!!! :) Thanks!!