Wednesday, 14 September 2011


“Taking the time to figure out our passions is not selfish because once we find our calling, we’ll feel that we have a solid purpose and a connection to something bigger. This helps bring peace.”
~Holly C. Corbett, The Lost Girls

I’m not even almost done my book, so I might be kind of screwed tomorrow. I’ll just have to read until I pass out tonight, read during breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow and hopefully be finished by 7pm for RBTW. Fingers crossed everyone.

It’s not that it’s not a great book; it’s just that I started it way to late. Like, this Sunday too late. Not a smart move on my part, considering it’s a 538-page book. I am loving it; but I’ll tell you more about it when I am finished and ready to give it a proper review and rating.

I am so excited for RBTW tomorrow. We chose not to have a meeting in August -at our July meeting we decided to take a break since it proved to be quite difficult to work around summer schedules; so, this will be our first time back at it in nearly a month and a half.

Tomorrow night is going to be a smaller group than normal since 3 of the girls have moved away, one now works on Thursday nights, etc. However, like I said to the four other girls that are still here, -it doesn’t matter our number; just as long as we have the anticipation of our once a month gathering to drink wine, talk books and visit each other.

I guess I could tell you a little bit about how our book club works; incase you are interested in starting/joining one. -We meet once a month. Whoever has decided they would like to host chooses the book and supplies both red and white wine along with some lip-smacking snacks. The host can create or find a list of questions on-line [some authors even include them at the end of the books these days!] or they can leave the evening to be more of an open discussion. Our founder brings with her a charming little book [that we have used since meeting one] that documents the particular month’s book and who’s hosting, complete with a rating and small review-blurb from each of us. We chose our name [ReadingBetweenTheWines] and established our system of practice [aka-the rules] at our first meeting and each meeting has run smoothly and enjoyable ever since.  

I think Book Clubs are such a great way to:
·      Have a better appreciation for reading
·      Take the time to read more often
·      Reflect on a book and it’s meaning instead of just finishing it, mumbling “Yeah, that was good” and stowing it away on the book shelf
·      Get insights into the minds of other readers
·      Gain a better understanding of the writing process; learning to value the time and effort an author puts into creating a novel
·      Meet new people
·      Learn new things about people you already know
·      Allow random people to make fun of your nerdy book club [only because they have never been to a RBTW meeting and have no idea how AWESOME it is]
·      Read books you might not normally read
·      Get the chance to host people in your home and let the novel spark some creativity in how you are going to go about hosting
·      Build a marvelous selection of book club books on your book shelf
·      Discuss and learn about topics that you might not normally chat about with the group of people you are with

I am really a huge fan of this book club thing that my lady friends and I have created [tomorrow’s meeting is actually our One Year Anniversary] and I highly recommend it. It really is a great way to broaden your reading list and have fun with your friends!

I chose today’s quote because it came from this months RBTW book, and when I read it, I took the time to dog-ear the page [yes, you’re right, I am a dog-ear-er]. What Holly is saying is exactly what I have been writing about since post #1. Without starting a full fledge review of the book, I can say this – this book has  definitely hit a cord with me and my passion seeking self, and I can honestly say that I am on my road to feeling like I have a solid purpose and a connection to something bigger.

I feel much better tonight after a much needed day of resting at home.

Can’t wait to give you a solid review of the book after tomorrow nights RBTWs!! 

This is the only picture I could find of me reading. I'm not posing, it was a book about Chicago that was in our  hotel room while we were staying there. Clearly I need to empty the camera so I can have some more photos to choose from; other than the ones from our recent trip to The Windy City. 

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  1. Can't wait for tomorrow :D And I love your list!