Saturday, 10 September 2011


"The woods are full of fairies; the sea is full of fish; the trees are full of golden leaves; let's make an autumn wish."


Happy weekend!!! My post today is going to be short because:
  • It's waaaay to nice out to be sitting at the computer
  • I have a semi-huge cold and my brain is not working properly 
  • We have lots of fun and relaxing [and productive] stuff planned for the day

Today's quote is one of my all time [fall] favorites!  I thought it was a great day to post it because today is the most perfect 'Welcome to Fall' day, and the quote is very Natasha. It is absolutely gorgeous outside! One of those really great feeling Saturdays when you know you are going to have an awesome day and get lots of stuff done at the same time. 

We went to the Market this morning, which is a regular Saturday morning tradition in our house. We also took our recyclables to the depot, which was a very interesting experience. Our entire Jeep was packed to the hilt with bottles, and you know how much money we got back……????? $22.63. Seriously!? The amount of time and effort it takes to save up all those bottles [and drink all that wine!] and then to organize them in the car, only to show up at the redemption centre to 3 grouchy old men, who make sure to let us know they are closing in 10 minutes and then to be met with a thick cloud of hornets hovering around the entrance. Needless to say, I sat in the car and Shaun waited in the middle of the driveway for our hard earned cash with his hoody zipped all the way up so no hornets could get in. I thought recylcing was supposed to make me feel like a good person; like I'm helping to save the planet our something, but really it just gave me an anxiety attack! 

We're going to snuggle in and read now, maybe have a nap, get up and take little Bean for a walk, finish cleaning the house, make a yummy supper and then head out to a night at the Chocolate Rive Station to check out Tim Isaac and Nina Khosla's newest tunes. [] 

Have a fantabulous weekend!!!

Little Bean, practicing her puzzle skills - Another great Saturday afternoon a few months back

We recycle.

So, in my mind..this is like $30. Not so much!

Also --just to note: feeling icky and tired and full of a cold is also my excuse for not posting last night ;0 

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