Monday, 5 September 2011

This is Me, trying to find It.

“Some Busy themselves to distract their passion, other because they cannot find it.”
~James Richardson

Why is it that we can’t all just be handed our fates? Why can’t we know what we’re supposed to be doing and who we’re supposed to be? I think one of the biggest struggles in being a young adult is just that. Why can’t it be easier to figure out how to make ourselves happy?

I had a hardcore ‘life’ chat with my favorite sister-in-law tonight. We’re both kind of stuck in the same rut- I wish I could go back to school to do something that I really want to do, and she is trying to decide if she wants to go to school to do something that she’s not so sure she wants to do.

The advice I gave to my lil’ sister lady was:

·      Google some Art schools in our area [staying close enough to home because we’re the family type]
·      Think about what pieces you already have for a portfolio and with that you’ll learn just how much you’ve already accomplished
·      Told her that I loved her and that I know she is in dire need of doing something for HER and she should.
·      Reminded her to believe in her artsy.creative.original.unique.amazing self
·      Mostly…just let her know that there’s no harm in giving it some thought

In my case, I blame a lot of my confusion, doubt and lack of self-confidence on where I come from. Born and raised in a small town, I graduated high school with a class of 31 students. Our school was too small to have many electives like Art, Music or even a solid French course. I now live in an entirely bilingual city and have a hard time finding a good job because I can’t fluently speak/understand French. I feel as though I didn’t necessarily get the chance to determine if I might have had a passion for something in the more artistic circle of the world.  It seems immature and silly to place blame on something as huge as my hometown; but for this post, I will. I also didn’t have a lot of guidance with my secondary education opportunities; BUT, now it’s too late to go back to school [unless I will the lottery], because I have a GINORMOUS student loan. I would give anything to go back to become a Teacher or a Psychologist. I would also be quite content to be able to take my $300 per month Student Loan payment and save it for start up costs to open my own Café.

Oh, the things I should have done.  No regrets though, right. No more complaining!  If not for the path I took, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people, including my best friend [whose last name I acquired because I happen to love him that much].

I just need to find some way to figure out what to do with myself; which as we know- is why I am working on this blog. I just wish it would happen, let’s say….TOMORROW!!

On a super fun note, we just had a long weekend and it was a friggin’ relaxing blast. And on another how this blog is going to operate note, this is a long weekend post; which means that it covers Friday to Monday. This will likely happen every time we have a super fun long weekend- 1 post for 4 days.

My long weekend was super fun because:

·      It was LONG
·      We had our nieces and nephew over for a slumber party and did a lot of fun stuff - drawing on the driveway with chalk, eating candy and playing Dominos!
·      Took Bean for a bunch of enormous walks in some really gorgeous September weather!
·      Spent some time helping my bestie move into her new house which is only a 2 minute walk from mine
·      Got to get some quality snuggle time in with my hunny
·      Started Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants.
·      Signed up for a full day Stained Glass Painting class with my lil’ sister lady and mother-in-law

So, my weekend rocked and I am totally refreshed and ready to go back to the real world tomorrow. I am hoping to leave at least a half hour early tomorrow morning so I can scoot down to Starbucks because the PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE is back!!!! I can taste it now! 

Picnic on the front lawn
Pancake makin'
Sidewalk Chalk!!!
Dominos, candy, chips and popcorn. That's a sleepover!

Toodles and Happy 4 Day week!!!! 

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